Objectives of the workshop

In the age of ever growing scale of data acquisition and collection, challenges of their rational exploitation reach critical significance. Often weakly or even un-structured, far from being coherent and comprehensive, the data gain real value only after developing integrative concepts, methodologies and recipes. This process is based on qualitative and quantitative data analysis, mining and processing, the latter based on wide range of aggregating models to be constructed. Hence, a clear relevance of the wide spectrum of approaches to handling large, dynamically accumulating data sets that will be addressed during the workshop.

The approaches discussed will range from visual data mining and analysis, via heuristic evolutionary model constructions, up to formally rigorous mathematical procedures. Within the latter group, approaches within both deterministic and stochastic frameworks will be exposed.

In all of the constructions, data verification and model validation procedures prove critical.

Scope of the workshop:


The workshop is organised by ICM within the framework of the Polish-German Graduate College (Research Training Group 710) and Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences.

Organising committee

Marek Niezgódka
Anna Trykozko
Zuzanna Szymańska
Michał Łopuszyński